Minomycin is an effective drug used for treating infections of the bacteria.


You should have to follow your doctor’s advice while taking Minomycin. After taking the medicine, do not lie down for at least 30m minutes. If you want to get rid of the infection completely, you have to take the whole course of the medication. If stopped in the middle of a course, there is a chance for the infection to relapse.

If you are taking calcium salts, zinc salts, iron salts, bismuth salts, magnesium, urinary alkalinizes, colestipol, sucralfate, didanosine or quinapril, take these 2 to 3 hours ahead or after taking the drug.

Before the doctor prescribes Minomycin, tell him if you have any kidney or liver problems. Tell him if you have any allergies to any medicine, food or any substance.

As Minomycin interacts with certain medicines, it is better to tell your doctor about all the medication, including diet supplements, prescriptive and non-prescriptive medicines that you are taking. The drug is also known to be sensitive to sun and so better avoid sunlight, tanning booths and sun lamps.

Pregnant women and those who hope to get pregnant soon have to take Minomycin with caution. Discuss with your doctor all the risks and benefits involved with the drug during pregnancy. As Minomycin is seen in breast milk, avoid breast-feeding while taking the drug.

Minomycin should only be used with caution by elderly patients, as they are more sensitive to the drug. The drug is also not prescribed for children below eight years of age.

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