Cipro is an effective antibiotic used for the treatment of bacterial infections. The drug is also given to prevent or slow down anthrax.


The drug can be taken in empty stomach or with food. You should have to drink a lot of fluid while taking Cipro. Products containing aluminum, iron, magnesium, zinc, sucralfate, calcium, didanosine and bismuth subsalicylate should be taken six hours earlier to taking Cipro or two hours after taking it.

The drug should not be used with milk and milk products. Caffeine should also be avoided while taking the drug.

If you want to get rid of the bacterial infections completely, you should have to take the entire medication. If you stop in the middle of a course, there are chances for the infections to relapse.

Only if you tell your doctor about all your medical history will he be able to take a proper decision on the prescription. Tell him if you are allergic to any food, medicine or to any other substance. You should not hide from your doctor if you have a history of Alzheimer’s, brain disorders liver or kidney problems, nervous system disorders, inflation of the tendons and joint problems.

Discuss about the risks and benefits of Cipro with your doctor if the drug is prescribed during pregnancy. It is better to avoid breast-feeding while taking Cipro as the drug is excreted into breast milk.

As Cipro is known to interact with certain medicines, you have to inform your doctor about all the medications that you are taking.

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