Antibiotic Biaxin

Biaxin is a drug prescribed for treating infections caused by bacteria.


Biaxin is a macrolide antibiotic. The drug has to be taken along with food or in empty stomach. You should always follow your doctor’s prescription when taking Biaxin. Always take care that you do not use larger doses or less or take the drug for longer periods unless your doctor recommends it.

If you want to have good results, you have to complete the whole medication. If the drug is stopped in between a course after you feel fine, your conditions may worsen and there is a possibility that the infection comes back.,

Always make it a habit to take the drug at the right time and take care that not even a single dose is missed. If you have forgotten to take a dose, you can have it as soon as you remember it. But if it is time for your scheduled dose, leave the missed one and continue with your regular doses. Never mix two doses of Biaxion. In case you suspect to have taken an overdose of Biaxin, you have to contact your doctor without any delay. Diarrhea, Stomach pain and vomiting are some of the overdose symptoms.

Before taking Biaxin, it is better to discuss with the physician about all your present and past health conditions, which will help him to take a proper decision on the medication. Tell him straight if you have any allergies to any particular medicine, food or any substance, especially to the ingredients of Biaxin.

You should also not hide from your doctor if you have liver disease or kidney disease or if you have stomach infection or if you have diarrhea. If you have these conditions, your doctor may go for dosage adjustments and also go for frequent monitoring.

Biaxin should not be used by pregnant women and those who aspire to get pregnant as the drug can cause harm to the unborn. Though Biaxin is not traced in breast milk, breast feeding women should only feed their children after discussing with their doctor about the risks involved. Biaxin is also not prescribed for children below 6 months old.

As like other medicines, Baxin also interacts with certain drugs. Therefore, you have to tell your doctor about all the drugs that you are using before he prescribes Baxin. Tell him about all the prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs that you are using so that he may decide on the medication that has to prescribed for you.

While taking the drug there is a possibility for developing diarrhea. In this case, you should not treat diarrhea of your own, as it can be complicated. Always consult your doctor if you see any signs of bloody stools and severe diarrhea.

The possibility of a second attack cannot be ignored even after stopping the drug for a long time. Contact the doctor immediately incase you see any signs of an attack again. You should never miss any lab tests and doctor’s appointments while on Biaxin medication as the doctor has to regularly monitor your health conditions.

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